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Post-secondary Success in Learning (PSL)

An overview of the course that lets students assess their current skills, attitudes, and behaviours as learners, and develop 10 key areas of competency that will support their post-secondary learning journey.

Employment Potential

"Skills give agency to people to shape their lives, to create new skills and to flourish."

- Kautz et al. (2014)

Today's employers are looking for individuals who have the flexibility, motivation, and resourcefulness needed to learn on the job and adapt to an everchanging workplace. Identifying who you are as a learner is the first step in discovering how you can maximize your potential and develop these skills. Many of these skills, such as time management, information processing, and concentration, and others that are learned in the PSL course can be used and adapted when learning new technologies in the workplace.


Kautz, T., Heckman, J. J., Diris, R., ter Weel, B., & Borghans, L. (2014). Fostering and Measuring Skills: Improving Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills to Promote Lifetime Success. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper Series, No. 20749