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In-Class Workshops

Academic Skills Workshops

Request an Academic Skills Workshop or Series to invite an ASC staff to guide students through active learning strategies needed for success in college. Workshops are designed to be student-centered and interactive. For descriptions and learning outcomes for the workshops, please read below. 

Please submit your request at least two weeks before the requested workshop date to allow time to schedule and customize the workshop. If you are not able to submit the workshop in advance, we will do our best to accommodate your request, but we may ask for additional date/time options.


If you have an idea for a workshop that is not listed here, please email to request a workshop created specifically for your class.

Workshop Descriptions

This 50-minute workshop will introduce students to applications and websites that will be part of their daily lives as RRC Polytech students. We will start with HUB and continue with an overview of Office 365 including Outlook and MS Teams, Webex, and LEARN, along with tips for student success.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn how to locate and use the applications and websites regularly used by RRC Polytech students
  2. Students may be able to identify areas of technology literacy that they may need to develop
  3. Provide students with the know-how to contact the ITS Service Desk and submit IT Support Requests

This 50-minute workshop will ask students to reflect on how they can take control of their time in college and how time management affects their learning. The workshop includes strategies to help students improve their time management skills, including dealing with procrastination.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about student-centred strategies for taking responsibility for time in college
  2. Understand why people procrastinate and discover tools that help manage procrastination
  3. Understand the importance of a learning community in college

This 50-minute workshop will teach students about reading strategies that they can use to practice active reading skills. The workshop emphasizes the importance of developing reading skills to save students time and retain more information while reading.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify common structures and text features in a textbook and learn how to use them to focus and direct your learning
  2. Learn about strategies to keep engaged while reading
  3. Learn about the benefits of self-testing and how self-testing can help students prepare for tests

This 50-minute workshop will teach students about test-taking strategies that they can use to succeed on college tests. The workshop discusses the importance of understanding and managing test anxiety.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Use general test-taking strategies to be successful on any kind of written test
  2. Use specific strategies to tackle multiple choice, true/false, math, and/or essay questions on tests
  3. Identify the signs and sources of test anxiety and learn to manage test anxiety before and during a test

This series includes four 30-minute workshops. Staff are welcome to request the whole series or select any number or combination of workshops that would best suit the needs of their students and course. 

We've identified four topics that impact learning in a significant way. By exploring these topics - the brain, critical thinking, stress, and procrastination - students will understand their influence on learning and leverage this understanding to their time at college and beyond.

Series Workshop Descriptions

  1. The Brain & Learning - Introduces brain-based learning strategies that students can apply to their learning
  2. Critical Thinking & Learning - Discusses critical thinking as a tool that students can practice and learn to apply to college situations and tasks
  3. Stress & Learning - Explores how stress impacts students' ability to learn and introduces strategies to leverage stress
  4. Procrastination & Learning - Explores the relationship between procrastination and learning, including strategies to manage procrastination