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Peer Review

This guide will help you understand what a peer-reviewed article is, how to find them, and how to identify them "in the wild".

Peer-reviewed articles in OneSearch

OneSearch is the Library's primary search tool - it includes many of our premier databases as well as the print periodical collection. 

More about using OneSearch can be found on our OneSearch Guide.


Use the filters on the Search Results page in order to isolate peer-reviewed articles.

Remember to set the persistence lock if you are doing multiple searches.

The filter will remove anything that isn't peer-reviewed.

Note: in OneSearch its very clear which articles are peer-reviewed, and which aren't.  


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Peer-reviewed articles in EBSCOhost databases

EBSCOhost databases are included in OneSearch, but you may find yourself searching EBSCO independently to access special features. 


Use the Limiters in order to isolate peer-reviewed articles in any of the EBSCOhost databases.


On the search page (or on the search results page);
check the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals box and refine the results.

The filter will remove anything that isn't peer-reviewed. Note: in EBSCOhost, there is no visual confirmation of the result being peer-reviewed.  

No option to filter by peer-reviewed?

Not all databases will have the option to filter by peer-review. Depending on the topic some databases do not have peer-reviewed content and other databases have only peer-reviewed content. There is also the possibility that the database interface just isn't sophisticated enough to have those types of features.

The following databases have only peer-reviewed content.

Double-check your sources

Regardless of whether your database filters by peer-review or not - you should always evaluate your sources.

Does the article meet the criteria you would expect for a peer-reviewed article? Review Identifying Peer-reviewed Articles here.

Databases aren't 100% accurate and they tend to assign the state of "peer-reviewed" at the journal level - not the article level (and remember not all articles in a journal are necessarily peer-reviewed). 

When in doubt check the journal and make sure. Review Identifying Peer-reviewed Journals here.

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