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Statistics Canada (Database Instruction)

This guide will give you an introduction to using the STATISTICS CANADA webpage to find interactive data tables, microdata and data visualizations, maps and more on a wide range of subjects.

Finding Information

Statistics Canada data products include a wide variety of interactive data tables, microdata and data visualizations, maps and more on a wide range of subjects. Use the tabs across the top of the Statistics Canada Webpage to access information in multiple ways. 


Subjects are topic-specific portals that lead to statistics data products and related linksPortal of statistics by subject.
After selecting a subject, click on a topic link to go to the portal (some portals will have subdivisions).


Data provides ALL the interactive data tables. Here they can be filtered by keyword, census, subject, geography, frequency, and survey/statistical program. 


Analysis provides Statistics Canada publications and articles that analyze the results of our surveys. Click here for searchable Stats in Brief, Articles and Reports, and Journals and Periodicals. The collection can be searched or you can apply filters for subject, year of publication, author, and the survey/statistical program the analysis came from. 


Reference provides documentation to help you understand and interpret StatsCan surveys and data. Includes information on classifications, documentation on surveys and statistical programs, geographic files and documentation, and notices and consultations.


Geography allows you to find information by geographic region by using an interactive map. Products include spatial information, interactive maps, thematic maps, reference maps and attribute information products. 


A detailed statistical portrait of Canada and its people by their demographic, social and economic characteristics.
Click here for the most recent census data, analyses, topics, geography and references.

Surveys and statistical programs

find here information for participants of StatsCan surveys, information about data collection and more. 

~~~~~~~~~ Quick numbers to get you going~~~~~~~~~~~

Key Indicators

Key indicators (accessible on the home page and various portals) are focused statistics on topics of interest happening right now. These are the types of numbers you would find in Infographics and PowerPoint presentations. Ex. "Retail Trade". Indicators come with analysis and can be focused on Canada or specific provinces. 


Statistics Canada compiles many key indicators into useful Infographics. These infographics will provide a quick overview of Statistics Canada survey data.

Data Visualization

Here you can find interactive tools and dashboards to work with the data in a graphical format.