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Financial Performance Data (Database Instruction)

Financial Performance Data is a user-friendly interface that lets us selectively retrieve and display data from Statistics Canada's Small Business Profiles series. The source of the data is corporate income tax returns for about 1.8 million Canadian com

Menu Browsing (1)

When we click on the Browse option, we are shown the first line of the top-level industry menu, namely Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting (6 and 7 in the top diagram).

The number 11 at the beginning of this line is the first two-digit classification number in the North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS.

We can scroll down through the top-level menu by clicking on the down-arrow button. Each item in the top level menu has its own two-digit NAICS number.

If we are looking for bicycle shops (or other retail businesses), our first step is to select Retail Trade (NAICS numbers 44-45) from the top-level menu.

When we click on Retail Trade, it replaces Agriculture (etc.) in the search box.