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Financial Performance Data (Database Instruction)

Financial Performance Data is a user-friendly interface that lets us selectively retrieve and display data from Statistics Canada's Small Business Profiles series. The source of the data is corporate income tax returns for about 1.8 million Canadian com

Keyword Searching (1)

(1) When we click on the Search for an industry option a search box appears.

(2) When searching a database, it's best to start with what we know. In this case we know that we are looking for bicycles.

(3) However, when we search for the keyword bicycles

(4) we get a "No results found" message.

Now what do we do?

Keyword Searching (2)

When the "No results found" message appears, a good strategy is to search for a broader industry sector such as Sporting goods.

In the top diagram we have typed "sport" (1) and retrieved all the industry sectors that have "sport" in their titles (2).

We can see that “Sporting Goods stores” are assigned NAICS number 45111.

In the bottom diagram we have searched for NAICS number 45111.  We can now see all the related industries whose NAICS numbers begin with 45111.

One of these is number 451113, “Cycling equipment and supplies specialty stores”.

All we have to do now is click on the “Create Report” button.