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Evidence-Based, Quantitative and Qualitative Research

This guide is a basic introduction to finding Nursing and health literature with a qualitative or quantitative focus.

Evidence-Based Research

CINAHL offers two options for Evidence-Based research

1. We can limit our search using the "Evidence-Based Practice" limiter. This will isolate the articles that CINAHL has included in the "evidence-based practice" collection.

2. We can browse the Evidence-Based Care sheets

Evidence-Based Practice (Search limiter)

1. Enter your keywords for your topic in the Advanced search box (you can refine by selecting field codes such as MeSH, Subject or leave it on all)




2. In the limiters below, select the following

  • Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals  >>all reputable studies will have gone through the peer review process.
  • Evidence-Based Practice  >>this will isolate the articles that CINAHL has tagged as "evidence-based practice."

optional limiters include

  • Publication date (years only)
  • Full text if you only want those articles >>any articles that are just abstracts can be requested through ILL for free

Browse Evidence-Based Care Sheets

CINAHL includes over 150 Evidence-Based Care Sheets, which provide summaries of what is known about a disease or condition and the best treatment options. Each sheet incorporates the latest evidence, statistics, research and references on a given topic.

The references are ranked according to the type of literature they represent (systematic reviews, meta-analyses, randomized controlled trials, conference proceedings, etc.).  

While the Evidence-Based Care Sheets are written, edited, and reviewed by RNs and MDs, they are published by CINAHL Information Systems, so they are not considered journal articles. Use these for background information and helpful references.

1. Select Evidence-Based Care Sheets from the blue banner


2. Use the search box to search the Evidence-based care sheet collection, or scroll the list to browse.

3. check the sheet you want to view and click Search. 


This will import the search to the Advanced search box in the correct syntax to search JUST the evidence-based care sheets.

Click the sheet title to open it up.