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Evidence-Based, Quantitative and Qualitative Research

This guide is a basic introduction to finding Nursing and health literature with a qualitative or quantitative focus.

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

Here is a simple introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative research, for those who might need a refresher.

Quantitative research

Qualitative research

Considered hard science

Considered soft science



Deductive reasoning used to synthesize data

Inductive reasoning used to synthesize data

Focus—concise and narrow

Focus—complex and broad

Tests theory

Develops theory

Basis of knowing—cause and effect relationships

Basis of knowing—meaning, discovery

Basic element of analysis—numbers and statistical analysis

Basic element of analysis—words, narrative

Single reality that can be measured and generalized

Multiple realities that are continually changing with individual interpretation


Table from Ebling Library's Nursing Resources : Qualitative vs Quantitative LibGuide

Primary vs Secondary Sources

Do you need a refresher on primary and secondary sources? Scribbr has you covered.

Primary vs. Secondary Sources: The Differences Explained | Scribbr

Primary and secondary sources are the two main types of sources you’ll use for your research. This video will walk you through what their differences are and when to use which.