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Evidence-Based, Quantitative and Qualitative Research

This guide is a basic introduction to finding Nursing and health literature with a qualitative or quantitative focus.

Evidence-Based Practice

The most effective search in PubMed uses the MeSH terms - the controlled vocabulary. 

1. Click Advanced Search

​​2. In the first box, select "MeSH Term," and start typing "Evidence Based..." you will see a number of predictive options pop up; there are a number of MeSH terms around this topic, including: 

  • Evidence-Based Practice
    • Evidence-Based Dentistry
    • Evidence-Based Medicine
      • Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine
    • Evidence-Based Nursing
    • Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice


3. click the ADD button on the right to add the term to the query box using the correct syntax or field code

4. add other terms, i.e. Asthma. These can be MeSH, subjects, or All Fields. When the search is complete, Click the SEARCH button to search the results.