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Oncology Nursing

This guide will help you find resources on topics across the illness trajectory with a focus on the role of the nurse in assisting clients with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer & Art

undefinedArt and Cancer

This page contains a vast collection of resources on where Art and Cancer intersect.

Here you will find: 


Recommended Keywords for Searching

  • Altered body image
  • Art therapy
  • Arts-based inquiry
  • Arts-based research 
  • Cancer - patients
  • Cancer stories
  • Healing
  • Lived experience
  • Psychology
  • Social isolation
  • Specific types of cancers
  • Stigma

Joanne L.'s Recommended Readings

Library resources

Cancer & Art: Online resources

undefined Robert Pope

Robert Pope (1956-1992) was a dedicated Nova Scotia artist who died of Hodgkin’s Disease, cancer of the lymphatic system, at the age of 35 after a ten year battle with the illness.

He is best known for a significant body of work exploring his experience of healthcare and healing as a cancer patient exhibited nationally and internationally at over 65 venues.

They also formed the compelling visual narrative for the 1991 book he wrote called Illness and Healing, Images of Cancer. (Image and text source: Robert Pope Foundation)

Other Art Projects and Collaborations

How a monstrous art project brought cancer patients together

For the past five months, Ian has been working with more than 1,300 patients, family members, and staff at MD Anderson to create a monumental scale river dragon sculpture entitled Okoa the Wave Rider. The sculpture, a project made possible by the Arts in Medicine Program, was built entirely on site in the Main Building. 

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