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ASC: About Us - Our Services

Our Services at a Glance

Staff and Peer Tutoring

We offer a range of tutor-led supports designed to help students succeed in their programs. Tutorial support varies according to program and tutor availability. Tutors work alongside students to improve content knowledge and academic learning skills. Tutors also provide the opportunity to review, practice and question new material learned in class. Tutoring for students with disabilities is available following referral from Accessibility Services.


Math & Science Weekly Review Workshops

Weekly review workshops are offered in subjects that have traditionally been challenging to students. Sessions are led by experienced staff tutors and recorded and available through the LEARN Support shell to accommodate all student schedules. Common review session topics include: Business Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, Dosage Calculations, and Technical/Trades Mathematics and Physics.


Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching focuses on the learning process. Together, coach and student examine past learning habits and strategies in order to identify what is needed for academic success at the College and to anchor this learning with new strategies. Academic Coaches work with students to set and accomplish academic goals by employing research-backed study and motivational strategies. 


Academic Skills Workshops

Academic Coaches facilitate in-class one-hour workshops to help students improve their study skills. Each workshop guides students through active learning strategies needed for success at college. All workshops are designed to be student-centered and interactive. Topics include: Using Academic Supports; Applying Technology Literacy; Adapting to Online Learning; Managing Time; Developing Study Skills, and Practicing Teamwork. Workshops are booked on request by instructors.


Technology Literacy Supports

We offer a suite of services to support students' technology literacy and skill development in the online environment. Tech Peer Tutors can provide individualized help with navigating online courses, become familiarized with specific College applications, and help gain the basic-foundational tech literacy skills. Supports also include Technology Literacy Workshops and a self-directed Technology Literacy Tutorial. 


English as Additional Language Centre

Trained EAL specialists and tutors work with students using program-specific material and assignments. EAL staff help students with reading and taking notes effectively; developing program-specific vocabulary and pronunciation; asking questions clearly and answering them effectively; and organizing ideas and expressing them clearly for presentations and writing assignments. 


Writing Centre

The Writing Centre supports students' development as writers. Individual online writing tutoring helps students improve your clarity, conciseness, organization, and confidence! We can help students at any point in the writing process including the planning stage, draft writing, revisions, referencing, and formatting. We can also offer support if students are simply looking to improve their writing skills.