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ASC: About Us - Our Values and Goals

Our Values

Our Values


Picture of student studyingStudent Success

  • Working with learners who are striving to succeed in their programs.
  • Encouraging and supporting the development of independent learners.
  • Enhancing students’ academic and social engagement.


Picture of instructor in front of whiteboardPartnerships

  • Creating partnerships with faculty and staff and colleagues across the province.
  • Investigating and examining models and activities used in other education institutions to assess
  • Suitability for use at Red River College Polytechnic.


Picture of Student with laptopResponsiveness

  • Being accessible and flexible while remaining stable and consistent.
  • Recognizing the increasing student reliance on electronic media and committing to using technology to optimize support.


Picture of studentIntegrity

  • Identifying and working within specific areas of expertise.
  • Modeling life-long learning.



Picture of student with laptop outdoorsInclusiveness

  • Conducting ourselves on the principles of fairness and equity.
  • Treating everyone with respect.
  • Creating a safe, supportive, professional and receptive environment.


Picture of student at deskQuality

  • Providing high quality services that address students’ academic support needs.
  • Staying current with research on innovations in supporting students.
  • Measuring the outcomes of our services.
  • Gathering feedback to continuously improve our programming.