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Palliative and End of Life Care

This guide will help you in researching topics related to the nurse-client relational partnership in the context of the experience of life-threatening illness and end of life care.

Indigenous Perspectives

The need for palliative care services for First Nations people is increasing due to an aging population and the high burden of chronic and terminal diseases amongst this population. Many First Nations people want the opportunity to die in the communities where they have lived all of their lives; however people in First Nations communities have limited access to culturally relevant and formalized palliative care programs. Providing equitable access to health services for all Canadians is a compelling social obligation that includes developing accessible palliative care programs for First Nations people.


This page is part of the Indigenous Health and Well-being Guide.

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Indigenous People (Canadian Virtual Hospice YouTube Playlist)

The Canadian Virtual Hospice provides 19 videos on the various aspects of the end of life from indigenous perspectives.
Topics in this playlist include: 

  • Completing the Circle Healing Words About End of Life Spoken to Aboriginal Families - Part 1 & 2
  • Aboriginal Traditions Part 1: What Health Providers are Asking; Part 2: Importance of Family and Community; Part 3: Why are there 40 people in the room? 
  • What is Grieving Like for Aboriginal people?
  • Role of Elders at End of Life
  • Providing quality care to First Nations: A holistic approach; Gaps in Palliative Care Capacity in First Nations Communities and Improving end of life in First Nation communities; and An innovative model for engaging First Nations in developing community Care Services

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