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Equipment Borrowing Guide

Instructions for RRC Polytech staff and students on accessing the booking system and submitting equipment requests to borrow Library equipment.

Equipment Borrowing Guide

If you are a current faculty or student at Red River College Polytechnic, you can use the online equipment booking system to schedule equipment from the RRC Polytech Library, both at the Notre Dame and the Exchange District campuses.

Access the Equipment Booking System

Access the Equipment Booking System

From the Library homepage...

... select Browse and Borrow from the green banner at the top of the page, then Borrow Equipment from the left menu.


Scroll down the page and select the Borrow Equipment Icon from the list of quick-access icons just beneath the Library hours of operation.

Screenshot of the Library homepage demonstrating location select equipment borrowing from browse and borrow section or icon on the front page.


You will need to login to view equipment booking. See How to logon to RRC Resources.

Once logged in, the system defaults to Notre Dame Campus. You can filter the items displayed by adjusting the (1) location drop-down and then selecting a (2) category from the drop-down.

Equipment is not quickly transferrable between campuses.
Always request equipment from the location you intend to pick it up.


How to logon to Library and Academic Services Resources

Some online materials are restricted to student/staff use only. Use your college username and password to access these resources (i.e. same username and password used for Hub)