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Health Indicators & Health-based Statistics

This guide will give you an introduction to finding health indicators and health statistics using Canada's two primary sources: Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

Health Indicators

Produced jointly by Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), Health Indicators are a compilation of over 80 indicators organized using the Health Indicator Framework. The indicators measure health status, non-medical determinants of health, health system performance, and community and health system characteristics.

These indicators are produced at the health region level, as well as at provincial, territorial and Canada levels. Data used to calculate the indicators are the most recently available and represent a wide range of sources including the Census, surveys and administrative records. (source.)

Statistics Canada - Health Indicators

Health Indicators


1. Start on the Health Indicators page

2. Select the most recent release (top of the list)

3. This page will tell you about the release.
    Click Table of Contents












4. The Table of contents will give you links to the various indicators.
Click the Data tables and definitions link to see the entire list of sections, subsections, and descriptions Or jump directly into a section. 




Health Status -- How healthy are Canadians? This section includes

Non–medical determinants of health -- Non-medical determinants of health are known to affect our health and, in some cases, when and how we use health care.

Health system performance -- How healthy is the health system? These indicators measure various aspects of the quality of health care.

Community and health system characteristics -- These measures provide useful contextual information but are not direct measures of health status or the quality of health care.


5. Select the Data Table that best fits your needs Ex. "13-10-0096-01 Canadian Health Characteristics...".
Tables can then be further customized by geography, age, sex, etc. (depending on available variables)

More about using and customizing Statistics Canada data tables.