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Substance Use Disorders and Nursing Care

This guide is to assist you in research topics related to addiction, treatment and recovery of these disorders as well as trauma-informed care, related stigma and harm reduction avenues. Here you will find information on the various substances commonly fo


Substance Use and 2SLGBTQ+ Persons

Within the two-spirited, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (2SLGBTQ+), substance abuse is at an all-time high and mental health problems are becoming more prevalent. According to a 2015 study by SAMHSA, “More than twice as many LGBTQ adults compared to heterosexual adults reported using drugs in the past year.”

This module includes informative books, ebooks, journals, databases, videos, and more to assist you with learning and understanding more about the harms and health risks associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs in the 2SLGBTQ+.

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Exploring Substance Use Disorders in the LGBTQ Population

In this video, Dr. Laura Levin (MD, FAAP, FABPM, AdM), who is double boarded in pediatrics and addiction medicine with expertise in transgender medicine, discusses substance use disorders within the LGBTQ population. Learn how healthcare providers can better understand this population to provide more inclusive, LGBTQ-specific, culturally competent care.

Is Sexuality and Substance Abuse Correlated Within the LGBT Community? | Fill in The Blank | Logo

Join couples as they discuss what it was like to struggle with substance abuse and how it affected their relationship. What was the drug of choice? Did your sexuality play a role in your substance abuse? How would you describe addiction in the LGBT community? Fill In The _______: Beyond the therapy couch and the kitchen table, is the park bench, the one place where you can have an honest dialogue between friends, coworkers and loved ones. Join real members of the LGBTQ community on the park bench as we have an honest and intimate dialogue about a number of untouched topics that might make you stay a bit past your lunch break.

BESE Explains: Two Spirit

The term "Two Spirit" became official in 1990, to describe Native American people who are believed to be blessed with both male and female spirits. But the concept of gender fluidity has existed in Native culture for centuries. In this episode of BESE Explains, Paola Ramos tells us how a group that was once celebrated by its community has had to fight to keep itself from being erased.

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