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Substance Use Disorders and Nursing Care

This guide is to assist you in research topics related to addiction, treatment and recovery of these disorders as well as trauma-informed care, related stigma and harm reduction avenues. Here you will find information on the various substances commonly fo


Understanding Trauma /
Trauma-informed Practice

Trauma-informed care (TIC) includes having an understanding that many of the people we come in contact with every day have probably experienced some level of trauma. The goal of TIC is to treat people in ways that create physical and emotional safety. It’s about giving people choice and control over decisions that affect them, so they can build feelings of control and empowerment. Anyone can provide TIC. It’s an overall way of working with people, not a specific set of techniques.

This module includes informative books, ebooks, journals, databases, videos, and more to assist you with learning and understanding more about the benefits of adopting trauma-informed care and approaches into practice.

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Websites, Reports and Papers


Recovery Stories: Tonier

The Anti-Stigma Project presents an interview, with Tonier Cain. Tonier Cain is a nationally known consumer advocate and trauma expert, shares her compelling story of unspeakable trauma, navigation through a broken system, and her ultimate recovery.

The Best Explanation of Addiction I’ve Ever Heard – Dr. Gabor Maté

Peel schools Stand Up for student mental health

In this powerful video discover how at the Peel District School Board, all staff stand up to support students with mental health issues. We believe that together we are stronger and that collaboration leads to better support plans for our students. Each of us can have an enormous influence in shaping student well-being, so we must do exactly that. Please stand up for our students. Join us and stand up for student mental health: share this video.

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