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Equipment Borrowing Guide

Instructions for RRC Polytech staff and students on accessing the booking system and submitting equipment requests to borrow Library equipment.

Select Equipment Category

Select Equipment Category

The equipment booking system defaults to show all items at the Notre Dame Campus. You can filter the items displayed by adjusting the  (1)location drop-down and then selecting a (2)category from the drop-down.

Select Items to Borrow

Select Location

Ensure the correct borrowing location is selected before browsing items.

There is a different collection of items available between the Library's two locations, EDC and NDC. It is important to set the right location when viewing equipment and before making a booking to ensure you are booking equipment from the correct pick-up location.

Borrowing periods vary depending on equipment type. 

Select Equipment to Borrow

When you select Availability under the picture of the item, you are scrolled down to the bottom of the page to view the booking grid for just that item.

When you select the item picture, you are taken to that category's booking grid. You are now viewing that item and all other items in that category and the items availability within the same grid.

Select a Booking Start Time

Select a green box (green=item available) to set a start time for the booking.

If it appears that nothing is available, make sure that the page is side-scrolled to show the proper hour range that the library is open.

Be aware that while viewing the booking grid, you may also be viewing other items in the same category. These items do not always serve the same functions as the item you selected and are trying to book. Be sure to select the desired item from the grid under current items.


Select a Booking End Time

After you select a green start time from the grid, you are scrolled down to the bottom of the page where a drop-down to select end time has appeared. Depending on the booking period limits on the item, the selection will look different between Campus Use equipment or Daily Use equipment.

Daily and Campus Use

Borrowing periods vary depending on equipment type. Some items are for on-campus use only, and return times are the same day. Other items can be borrowed for periods between 3 to 7 days. Student laptops, part of our laptop loan program, have longer loan periods subject to availability and demand. 

Campus Use - Select Return Time

Daily Use - Select Return Date and Time

Daily use equipment will display a calendar icon to for the user to set the return date, before selecting return time from the drop-down.

On-campus use items do not offer a calendar, as they must have a return selected from the drop-down menu on the same day of the borrowing start time.

Show Next Available

This can be useful if you are waiting on items currently checked out and want to check when they will next be available to book.

The LibCal system does not allow for holds or waiting lists on equipment, if something is on loan, the best option is to book the item for the next available time after it's returned.

Book an item after it's returned

In the equipment system, select an item to view its page and availability grid. On the left side along the top of the grid, from the set of navigation buttons there will be a button for "Next Available"

Select Next Available Icon to take you to the next open slot on the booking grid for that item, within the next 90 days. 

Submit Booking Request

Once a loan start and return time is set, select Add to Cart iconand continue browsing for other items to include in the booking.
If this is the only item being booked at this time, select Add to Cart and Checkout icon to be taken directly to the submission page. 

In the cartCart and number of items in cart iconyou can view all items you have added to the booking before checkout, and can select to remove items before checkout Remove from cart icon

Depending on the item selected, you may have to accept borrowing agreements and confirm your program details.

Wait for Booking Confirmation

Confirmed Booking

you will receive an email to your College email address.

When a booking for a regular item is created successfully, you will receive a "Your booking has been confirmed" or "Your booking has been submitted" message immediately to your college email address ( or

Screenshot of email subject line for "Your booking has been confirmed" message       Screenshot of email subject line for "Your booking has been submitted" message

If you do not receive one of these messages, check your spam/junk email. If you expect the booking request was not submitted successfully, you can try again, or contact the library.


Certain items require approval before they are confirmed.

Some of the items that require approval include: laptops, cameras, and projectors.

Important: Bookings that require approval are only responded to during Library operating hours.

If your item requires approval, first you will receive a message saying your booking has been submitted

Depending on what day and time your booking is submitted, you may have to wait for a response that approves/denies your booking. 
The booking is not confirmed until you receive a "Your booking has been approved!" message. 

Screenshot of email subject line for "Your booking has been approved" message