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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff - English Language Centre

Integrated Language Support Options

English Language Centre staff can work with you to customize integrated language supports that meet the communication demands of your program and the unique needs of your students. Here are some ways we are currently working with students across a range of programs.

Please contact us at if you have any questions about these Integrated Language Support models, or if you would like to customize a model to meet the needs of the students in your program, whose first language is not English.

Weekly Academic Success Workshops (Course-Aligned)

With this support option, instructors work closely with English Language Centre staff to plan and coordinate the delivery of weekly language support workshops. The program schedules workshops into students’ timetables, promotes workshops, explains mandatory attendance, and communicates regularly with English Language Centre staff to ensure workshop topics are aligned with course material. English Language Centre staff deliver live online workshops throughout the term on various topics to support students in meeting the language demands of the course. Topics have included writing effective sentences and paragraphs, understanding assignment instructions and assignment planning, professional communication (active listening techniques, adjusting communication for audience), online learning etiquette, reading and note-making strategies, critical thinking skills, working in groups and more. It is expected that students attend regularly and participate actively.

Small Group Language Tutoring

In this support option, instructors identify students who would benefit from small group language support sessions, which typically involve a focus on either writing or speaking skills. In coordination with English Language Centre staff, instructors schedule and promote weekly small group sessions, explain mandatory attendance, share assignment instructions/rubric one week prior to group meeting, and ensure students bring first draft to group sessions. English Language Centre staff meet with small groups (3-4 students) to discuss and give individualized feedback on assignments. Students need to prepare their assignment draft in advance and attend regularly throughout the term to benefit from hearing feedback given to all participants. 

Interview Preparation Workshop Series (English Language Centre - Student Employment Services Partnership)

With this support, instructors identify students in need of job interview practice, request, schedule and promote workshops, and explain mandatory attendance. English Language Centre staff deliver a series of interview preparation workshops prior to the scheduled Student Employment Services (SES) mock job interview workshops. English Language Centre staff participate in SES mock job interview workshops to give language-focused feedback to participants. Identified students are expected to attend workshops and participate actively.

Language Support for Mock Employment Interviews

We work with Student Employment Services (SES) to provide language support to students in preparation for work placement interviews. We provide interview practice workshops and 1:1 support prior to students’ participation in mock interviews with SES. During the mock interviews, SES provides feedback on content and we provide targeted feedback on students’ language skills.

Hybrid LEARNing Module Capstone Facilitation

With this option, instructors import a Hybrid LEARNing Module into their LEARN course, ask students to complete it independently, and arrange for English Language Centre staff to facilitate a live, in-class capstone session. Students need to complete the assigned Hybrid LEARNing Module prior to participating in the capstone session. Hybrid LEARNing Modules take approximately 2-3 hours to complete and the capstone session are typically an hour.