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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff - English Language Centre

How Do I Refer a Student for English Language Tutoring?

How do I refer a student for English Language Tutoring?

If you feel a student would benefit from ongoing English Language tutoring, ask the student to contact us at to request a tutoring appointment. 

You can also email your student to encourage them to book directly with an English Language tutor, and explain the language tasks in your course that you feel the student needs support with; CC, and one of our team members will follow up with the student. 

Finally, if you feel your student has strong technology literacy and a need for short-term English Language Tutoring, encourage them to book their own appointment using these instructions.

Why should I refer students for English Language Tutoring?

As instructors and staff, you have tremendous influence.  Students are more likely to contact us for support if you refer them to language tutoring and check in with them to ensure they have made a tutoring appointment.

When should I refer students for English Language Tutoring?

Refer students to language tutoring as soon as you see gaps in speaking, listening, reading or writing skills. Early alert is critical for the success of your students.