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ASC: Supports for Faculty and Staff - English Language Centre

What is English Language Tutoring?

For students who speak English as a second or additional language, English Language Tutoring can provide them with excellent short-term or ongoing support to develop their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for success in their program and industry. Currently, English Language Tutoring is delivered online, with some limited in-person support opportunities, and you can access up to 60 minutes/week of support for the duration of your academic program.

What are the options for English Language Tutoring?

The English Language Centre is here to support the development of  students' language skills for academic and industry success! We can support students in general with ongoing language skill development, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and also for specific support with questions and academic tasks. 

Short-Term English Language Tutoring:

Students can book a 30-minute English Language Tutoring session for specific, immediate needs, such as working on an assignment or preparing for a presentation. Students can book up to two sessions/week. Students can learn more about how to book short-term English Language Tutoring here.

Students should consider short-term English Language tutoring if they:

  • need support understanding assignment instructions
  • want to practice and receive feedback on an oral-presentation
  • have an assignment due soon, and need support with the writing and editing process
  • have discreet skills and tasks they need support with
  • feel comfortable using the TracCloud booking system to register for a tutoring session

Ongoing English Language Tutoring:

Students can access ongoing 30- or 60- minute English Language Tutoring sessions each week for individual support to improve the specific language tasks they are struggling with in their program. Students can learn more about how to book ongoing English Language Tutoring here.

Students should consider ongoing English Language Tutoring if they want:

  • support with ongoing development of speaking and pronunciation skills
  • strategies to develop listening and reading skills for program and industry success
  • guidance to improve academic and professional writing skills
  • weekly support from the same tutor, over an extended period