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The Immersive Stories Program is designed to give students, faculty, and staff a first-hand opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding about multi-layered socio-cultural identities and lived experiences. As outlined in our new Strategic Plan, this program is part of the College’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, and the pursuit of equity, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

Each session in the Immersive Stories Program will involve a discussion with a member of our Red River College Polytechnic community, during which they will share their unique lived experiences, and invite participant questions and dialogue. These conversations will provide participants an opportunity to gain insights into the lived experiences of our diverse community and will assist in becoming aware of our own biases.

Participants will develop skills that will allow them to regularly check their personal, social, and cultural assumptions so that they can avoid making quick conclusions and judgments. This in turn will help to foster a diverse and inclusive College environment for students and faculty.  

Participants can register for up to five 1-hour sessions over the lunch hour in March and April 2022.

In order to create a safe and brave space for presenters and participants, only the introductions of the presentations will be recorded.

This program is brought to you by the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group within Library and Academic Services, with the support of the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Human Resources Services, and Education Technology Vision (eTV).