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Immersive Stories: September 29

Immersive Stories about Diversity and Inclusion, September 29, 2022

About our Storyteller

Photo of Brittany RossBrittany Ross is a Métis woman and mother of two sons. She was born and raised in Winnipeg, and has spent over 10 years supporting, advocating and mentoring Indigenous students in the adult education, and post-secondary education sectors. Through Brittany’s previous experience, she has a fundamental understanding of the importance of creating safe, respectful and positive environments.

Brittany has developed, engaged, and maintained relationships with various stakeholders including; community organizations, school divisions, health professionals, and various levels of government. In addition, she has years of training to aide her in her new position, such as Mental Health First Aid, Indigenous Suicide Prevention, PTSD in Indigenous Adults, to name a few.

As a Navigation Coach within the School of Indigenous Education at RRC Polytech, Brittany is passionate about making a significant difference in student’s lives, and connecting with students through her open-minded, empathetic, and caring nature. She loves playing a role in supporting the successes of Indigenous students here at Red River College Polytechnic.

Ask me about...

  • Experiences as a single parent of biracial children
  • Racism and discrimination
  • Belonging
  • Disconnection from identity growing up
  • Reclaiming Metis Identity

Event Registration

The Immersive Stories program will offer participants a first-hand opportunity to gain more knowledge and understanding about multi-layered socio-cultural identities and lived experiences. This will contribute to an enhanced skillset that will help them to regularly check their personal, social and cultural assumptions, and manage quick conclusions and judgments. This in turn will contribute to our efforts to foster a diverse and inclusive College environment for students and faculty.

Register to attend this Immersive Stories session.

In order to create a safe and brave space for presenters and participants, these stories will not be recorded.

Wed. September 29th, 12 - 1pm 
Location: Manitou a bi Bii daziigae (EDC), E155 
Story Teller: Brittany Ross
Host: Rebecca Hiebert

Snacks will be provided.