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Immersive Stories: About the Immersion Room

Immersive Stories about Diversity and Inclusion, Immersion Room

About the Immersion Room

Elder Una at the Immersion RoomWhat is an Immersion Room?

The Immersion Room is a purpose-built space that incorporates interactive and blended media that is projected onto four walls to create an engaging 360º learning experience. The experience is like virtual reality, but in a group setting, allowing for collaboration in a highly sensory environment.

The Immersion Room can simulate real world experiences and learning interactions, without risk or danger, using sophisticated projection and audio technology. It is a space that fills your senses with engaging imagery and sound for simulation, story telling, and communications that can enhance instructional content.

Who can use the Immersion Room?

Everyone! eTV will be offering training and support for all levels of production including easy-to-use media templates and professional design/production services for high scope projects.

Technical specifications

  • 31’ by 40’ room
  • 1,278 square feet of image projection
  • 10 laser projectors
  • 8 amplified room speakers
  • 20 low profile swivel desk chairs
  • Visio Immersion software

Contact Information

For more information about the Immersion Room, please visit this page or contact:

Murray Toews, Immersion Room Engagement Coordinator

Christopher Basarowich, eTV Manager

Take a look at the Immersion Room!

eTV researches, produces, and implements innovative technologies that support excellence in teaching and learning at RRC Polytech.

The new Immersion Room is a space that simulates environments that give students realistic and immersive experiences for sharing, imagination, and skill development.

On this episode of Where’s Watson, Dr. Christine Watson is joined by Dylan Smitzniuk, Media Technician at RRC Polytech’s Education Technology Vision (eTV), who provides an inside look at the new Immersion Room.