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Academic Supports for Students with Disabilities

Invoices and Online Payments

This information is for students with funding for tutoring services through the Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities for Services and Equipment.

Follow these steps locate your tutoring bills, pay invoices that are due, and download the necessary receipts to submit to Manitoba Student Aid at the end of your funded study period. For details on tutoring fees, click here.

1. Log in to HUB at

2. Go to the ‘Applications’ window and click the ‘Payments and Profile’ link.


3. Click on ‘Student Finance’.

4. Click on the ‘Account Activity’ link to view your history of charges and payments. If there is an amount due, or overdue, click ‘Make a Payment’ to pay the outstanding fees.

5. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll find the ‘Charges’ and ‘Payments’ menus.

  1. Click ‘Charges’ to locate copies of your tutoring INVOICES.
  2. Click ‘Payments’ to locate copies of your RECIEPTS for the tutoring bills you have already paid.

6. Click the ‘Receipt Number’ to download a copy of the receipt for your records.

7. Click ‘Print’ at the bottom of the window to print a copy for your records.


If you require a list of individual tutoring charges to submit to Manitoba Student Aid, please contact the Tutoring Supervisor to request this.