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EAL (English As An Additional Language)

A place to start the search for materials to support learning English, no matter your level.


Welcome to the EAL (English as an Additional Language) Guide

It's hard to start looking for library materials and significantly harder in an unfamiliar language. This guide serves the students and staff at Red River's Language Training Centre and students needing extra help in pronunciation, writing, or speaking. 

Each page has books taking you to an entire library record to see where it's located or click links to find more books like the featured titles. As always, library staff are here to help support the goals of EAL students and their instructors.

Go Beyond the Guide

Go Beyond the Guide

The Academic Success Centre has many resources for EAL students depending on the needs of language learners.

The English as a Second Language Centre through the Academic Success Centre provides supports for students through either self-directed means or through in-person help. Check out the following:

Self-Directed Modules: Students can self-enroll in a number of Learn modules to develop their skill levels through independent study.

Pre-Program Language Readiness: From general readiness to career-specific areas, each section has downloadable sheets to gauge language readiness for reading, writing, and even college skills. There are also a further list of supports for further information.


Use the following keywords to get started searching this subject area:

Business Writing

Business English

Communication Skills

English Language Composition

English Language Grammar

English Language Grammar Handbooks

English Language Examinations

English Language Study Guides



Second Language Acquisition

English Language Learners

English as a Second Language

Irregular Verbs


Language Training Centre

Language Traning Centre Collection 





Reading Strategies

Reading Comprehension

Sentence Structure

Speaking Skills



Vocational English

Writing Skills