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Communication Guide

A resource road map to one of the key skills in today's workplace.


Welcome to the COMMUNICATION Guide

Communication has emerged as a transferable skill in the workplace. The ability to write or speak goes beyond basic grammar. Writers and speakers must express their ideas clearly and concisely, sometimes within a limited time.

Communicators do not emerge overnight, nor do they remain at a certain level for all time. Skills evolve in the same;way people change throughout their lifetime and the library provides access to the resources needed to enable those changes.

Whatever you need, wherever your starting point, we are here to help.

This guide would not be made possible without the contributions of Kevin Boon and Jocelyne Olson.

Go Beyond the Guide

Communication Framework

On the list of skills required for the workplace, communication comes in the first place or in the top three. For some organizations, it's oral and written, others include teamwork or working with others. Red River College's communication courses are based on the 360 Framework and RBC's Human's Wanted report. Reading one or both helps understand the what and whys of communication skills and develop this important 21st-century skill.


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