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CPS Full Access (Database Instruction)

RRC Polytech students and faculty access only. CPS Full Access (formerly RxTx) is Canada's authoritative source for prescribing and managing drug therapy, providing online access to evidence-based, reliable Canadian drug, and therapeutic information

Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS)


The Canadian standard for drug monographs developed by manufacturers, approved by Health Canada and optimized by CPhA editors. CPS contains thousands of products including drugs, vaccines, natural health, and medical devices.  Monographs include Information for Patient handouts written in plain language and full-colour product photos.

The CPS also includes CPhA monographs written by the CPhA and reviewed by expert physicians and pharmacists. An example of a CPhA monograph is: 

CPhA Monograph on cannabis - Clinicians will know how cannabis fits in a patient’s medication management, along with warnings, drug interactions, and side effects. The monograph also includes warnings regarding use in children, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

This database is only accessible to current RRC Polytech Students and Faculty. 

Library staff cannot look up information on this database for non-college users.

Winnipeg residents can also access the RxTx Database at Winnipeg Public Library. RxTx has similar features, such as monographs and pill finders. More information can be found here

CPS Full Access is a subscription database published by the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association. If you are interested in a personal subscription, please contact the CPhA for more information. 

Searching for Drug Monographs

There are two ways to find drug monographs - we can search by drug name or keyword that would be found in a monograph OR we can browse a list of drug monographs and select the one we want to view. To search for drug monographs...  

1. Go to the drug search:

  • Select Drugs from the Search Box dropdown












2. Start to type a drug name into the search box. Search by:

  • brand name,
  • generic name,
  • drug class,
  • Manufacturer, DIN (Drug Identification Number), or
  • NPN (natural product number))

You will notice that the search is predictive and will offer suggestions to keywords and documents. 

Multiple documents may appear for a drug if there is more than one manufacturer (as seen in the example)

3. Click on the document to skip Search results and go directly to a document. OR

4. Click Search to go to the Search Results page (More about Search Results)

Browsing Drug Monographs

You can browse the list of Drug Monographs for your desired document. 




1. Click Drugs/Conditions > Drug Monographs to
   access the browse list













2. Scroll the list and select the monograph you want to view. 

Use the Alphabet links to jump ahead. 








Browse also has a FIND feature.

  1. Type your keyword in the Find box and click [ENTER].
    RxTx will highlight the number of instances of that word in the TITLE of the document. 
    (click the (x) to clear the search)
  2. Use the up/down arrows to advance to the next instance of the highlighted keyword
  3. Click on a monograph to view.



Drug Monographs in CPS
















  1. The tab we are currently viewing, easily move back to search results by clicking on the Results tab, or even all the way back to the Home page. 
  2. Interactive Table of Contents. Click to jump to a section
  3. Information for the Patient and Product image open in new tabs
  4. Health Canada warnings and advisories are front and center
  5. Toggle keyword highlighting on/off; select to print.