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RxTx (Database instruction)

RxTx is Canada's authoritative source for prescribing and managing drug therapy, providing online access to evidence-based, reliable Canadian drug, and therapeutic information

Patient medication information (CPS-i)

Extracted from the larger monograph, the printable Patient medication information (CPS-i) handouts are written in plain language to advise patients on the safe, effective use of medications.

The documents can be accessed in a number of ways:



  1. Though the parent drug monograph: Search or Browse for the desired monograph > select Patient medication information from the Table of contents on the left






  1. Search for a topic on the homepage and filter your search results to look for just ‘Patient medication information’ document types.
    These document types are indicated by the CPS-i logo as shown 










  1. Browse the list of Patient medication information documents by clicking Drugs/Conditions > Patient medication information (CPS-i) from the tabs at the top of the page










Example of Patient medication information document














  1. Tab for the parent monograph (if that's how you accessed the CPS-i document)
    Tab for the Patient medication information document (ex. CPS-i Neurontin)
  2. Print
  3. Document

Note: there is no table of contents on this type of document