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CPS Full Access (Database Instruction)

RRC Polytech students and faculty access only. CPS Full Access (formerly RxTx) is Canada's authoritative source for prescribing and managing drug therapy, providing online access to evidence-based, reliable Canadian drug, and therapeutic information

Please note:

This database is only accessible to current RRC Polytech Students and Faculty. 

Library staff cannot look up information on this database for non-college users.

Winnipeg residents can also access the RxTx Database at Winnipeg Public Library. RxTx has similar features, such as monographs and pill finders. More information can be found here

CPS Full Access is a subscription database published by the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association. If you are interested in a personal subscription, please contact the CPhA for more information. 

LexiComp's Lexi-Interact

Lexi-Interact is a drug and herbal interaction analysis tool that is designed to identify potential

  • drug-drug interactions,
  • drug-allergy interactions, and
  • duplicate therapy interactions.

Fully referenced and evidence-based, this tool facilitates a patient-specific risk-to-benefit assessment. The tool allows users to enter medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), natural products, foods, and/or alcohol. Allergies can be food-related (ex. Peanut or Shellfish-derived Products) or other drugs. Drug allergies may be entered by medication name (ex. aspirin) or by the pharmacologic class (ex. salicylates). 

Each interaction monograph contains the following ratings:

  • Reliability Rating: Indicates the quantity and nature of documentation for an interaction.
  • Risk Rating: Reflects both the level of urgency and the nature of actions necessary to respond to an interaction:
    • A - No known interaction
    • B - No action needed
    • C - Monitor therapy
    • D - Consider therapy modification
    • X - Avoid combination
  • Severity Rating: Indicates the reported or possible magnitude of an interaction outcome.


Access Lexi-Interact two ways. 

  1. Direct link on the Menu bar across the top of RxTx, OR







  1. Click Tools > Lexi Interact











Lexi-Interact will open in a new window


Lexi-Interact provides a simple form


















  1. Enter a drug name (generic or brand name). You will see that the search is predictive and will prompt you will suggestions from the database. Click Add to add the drug to the list; you can add multiple products. Click the (X) to remove a product.
    You can also click on just a hyperlinked Drug name - this will give you ALL potential interactions for that selection. 
  2. Enter an allergy. Allergies can be food-related or drug-related (medication name or by pharmacologic class)
  3. Duplicate Drug Therapy is checked as default. This function provides an analysis of the selected medications that are considered duplicate therapies because they belong to the same pharmacologic class. 
  4. Once your list is done, click the Analyze button, or click Clear to start again.
  5. All interactions will be listed on the Interaction Analysis tab - This is a summary and will show risk factors.
  6. when you click on an interaction, further details about that interaction will be displayed on the Interaction Monograph tab


Example of an Interaction Analysis
















1. Filters to sort interactions list

2. Legend of Risk icons

3. Click on an Interaction hyperlink to go to the Monograph for that interaction (new tab)

4. Click Clear to start a new search


Example of Interaction Monograph