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Academic Study Skills

This guide can assist you to increase your understanding of course material, improve your marks, and make learning a little less stressful. Here you will find strategies for time management, reading and note-taking, study skills, and test-taking.

Staying Organized

In order to keep track of all your school and personal events it is important to use a calendar. Google calendar or Outlook are two user-friendly options. Use the calendar to record all assignments, tests, presentations and classes. Break down large assignments into more manageable tasks by adding mini-deadlines to your calendar. Include personal events, such as grocery shopping and online socializing, to make sure you attend to both your physical and emotional well-being. Finally, use your calendar to create a daily schedule to ensure all projects get completed.

Why use a calendar? It helps you to:

  • Keep track of school and personal events.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Prioritize events.
  • Be more productive.

Using a Calendar

Look through this slideshow to see how to add school and personal events to your calendar:

NOTE: If you are using screen reading software and you have problems with the H5P presentation, please contact for assistance.