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Academic Study Skills

This guide can assist you to increase your understanding of course material, improve your marks, and make learning a little less stressful. Here you will find strategies for time management, reading and note-taking, study skills, and test-taking.


When you think of academic success, what comes to mind? Is your definition based on grades, effort, understanding of course content, interest in course material, avoiding procrastination, being an engaged learning in class? This LibGuide will explore topics such as these under the umbrella of Self-Regulated Learning

Current research shows how self-regulated learning and motivation are determinants of academic success. Self-regulated learning includes:

  • focusing on and learning course material
  • reflecting on one's thinking
  • short, long-term and distant goals
  • assignment completion plans
  • monitoring progress in order to shift when needed
  • applying various approaches to different tasks and assignments
  • being intrinsically motivated and asking for help when needed

As a student, it is important to think about what achievement means to you, ways you can reach your achievement goals and also what research on self-regulated learning has to say about how we can be successful post-secondary learners.

Remember you can also connect with an Academic Coach for one-on-one assistance.

Featured Web Videos

Self-regulation Skills Student Interview | Kirkwood Community College

Carolyn Stephenson, Psychology Professor at the Kirkwood Community College interviews a former student about their experience using self regulated skills in college. The video defines what self regulating skills are and what they include to be more successful in their learning. The video is based on a student’s perspective. Applied strategies learnt. Gives examples of analyzing task. Advantages of using strategies as a college student.

How Children and Adults Can Build Core Capabilities for Life | Centre on the Developing Child at Harvard University

Every day we take on the ordinary, sometimes challenging, tasks of work, school, parenting, relationships, and just managing our busy lives. How do we navigate these tasks successfully? And what can send us off course? Science offers an explanation. This 5-minute video explores the development and use of core capabilities — known as executive function and self-regulation skills — from early childhood into adolescence and adulthood.

Developing a Mindset for Successful Learning | Samford University

Stephen Chew teaches how to develop effective study strategies. The information is organized into 10 Principles of Effective Studying that students should understand if they wish to maximize learning from their study time. Valuable for both students and teachers.

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