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Conference Board of Canada e-Library (Database Instruction)

The Conference Board of Canada e-Library is an authoritative source of research on the Canadian economy and business-related topics. The following pages provide a step-by-step introduction to the e-Library for Red River College students and staff.

e-Proceedings / e-Presentations

The Conference Board of Canada sponsors many conferences with presentations by guest speakers who are experts in various fields. These presentations are recorded as PowerPoint presentations with sound tracks.

The "Conference e-Proceedings" link lists the conferences by year (newest first) with a link to each presentation delivered at the conference. Since conferences all have themes, this listing groups presentations by theme.

The "Conference e-Presentation" link lists individual presentations by year (newest first). It offers a faster way of browsing the presentations than conference-by-conference.

Conference e-Proceedings are listed by year. We can see an e-proceeding by clicking on the "View (free)" link.

This particular conference e-proceeding consists of 35 separate presentations (five shown here). Clicking on the "play" link turns on the PowerPoint presentation and sound track.

Clicking on the "bio" link retrieves a brief biography of the speaker.

The "pdf" link retrieves a PDF version of the slide show or other supplementary material.

Each slide and its associated soundtrack is accessible from the menu a left. The slide show can also be advanced, paused or played back with the blue controls at the bottom of the screen.

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