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Indigenous Health & Well-Being

This guide is to assist you in researching topics related to Indigenous health. Here you will find links to books, ebooks, journals, databases, websites, and more.

Indigenous Motherhood & Pregnancy


What We Teach Our Children

The painting “What We Teach Our Children”  by Christi Belcourt was painted in 2008 in honour of children, inspired by her daughter Jeana who was 10 years old at the time.

Within the painting, there are several important elements: bees, plants, roots, animals, the spirit world & televisions.

Bumblebees in the painting represent the uncertain future.  They are there as a reminder of the environmental abuse of Mother Earth and question what kind of world we are leaving to our children.  The bumblebees are disappearing in North America, mostly due to human impacts on their populations.  Bees are vitally important to crop pollination, food supply, agriculture, and the economy – without them, we all suffer.



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