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How can I apply the skills I’ve learned to the work environment?

Entering the workforce for your new job or career is an intimidating life stage. More so, many of us take this step at different points in our lives.

Many students have gone through grade school with a group of peers roughly the same age and from the same community. Some of you may have just finished high school and others may have taken some time off in between. Or maybe you have come to Canada seeking a new life in a different country, and a new challenging career to go with it. Or maybe you’re looking to change careers and challenge yourself. Nevertheless, we have all developed skills along the way to prepare us for life, education, and the workforce. Our first step is to recognize this!

Moreover, as we have been moving into online learning, learning new technologies like Webex and MS Teams, structuring our own daily schedules, or being supportive of friends and classmates, there is an opportunity to practice these skills also in your work environments.

Supports for You!

Student Employment Services

Connect with Student Employment Services for assistance with your job search! SES offers a wide range of employment services including assistance with job search, networking, cover letters, resumes, and interviews.

For more information, contact us at!

LinkedIn Learning Videos

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