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PubMed (Database Instruction)

This guide will assist you in using PubMed's new interface. PubMed is a free database that contains more than 30 million citations and abstracts of peer-reviewed biomedical literature.

My NCBI Account

My NCBI account allows you to create a free account within PubMed. This account will allow you to save searches, search results, access some advanced filters, and more. If you are an advanced researcher this might be a tool worth exploring. Clicking on the Sign In link on the homepage will take you to registration options.

This guide will not be going into the details of using the My NCBI account dashboard. However, NCBI has provided a helpful video and tutorials can be found on the dashboard.

Note: NCBI encompasses many databases, including PubMed, MEDLINE and PubMed Central.

My NCBI Home Page

This is an updated introduction to your free My NCBI account. Learn how to navigate and change settings for your saved PubMed searches, Collections, My Bibliography, BLAST searches, and more. This video has been produced by NCBI.

My NCBI Filters

One of the advantages to a My NCBI account is the ability to select advanced filters as well as create customized filters for your research. 

Filters are added and created via the My NCBI Account dashboard. 













Once created (and assuming you are logged in) you will be able to activate the filters by clicking on the links on the search results sidebar. 

In this example, of the 43 results, 5 fit in the Qualitative Research/Broad filter.



More about using and creating NCBI filters.