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Technology Literacy

Tech Peer Tutors

Are you struggling with getting organized in Outlook? Participating in your Webex classes? Collaborating via MS Teams, or finding the resources you need in LEARN? Book an appointment with a Tech Peer Tutor!

How to book an appointment with a Tech Peer Tutor:

1. Log in to HUB. Then, click the TracCloud link found in the 'applications' list.

2. Search TracCloud for available Tech Peer Tutoring sessions: Go to the 'Book a staff or peer tutor for your course:panel, then select CHOOSE A SERVICE / REASON... 

3. Select 'Academic & Technology Coaching'.

4. Select one of the choices listed, click 'OK', and select 'SEARCH'.

After clicking 'Search', you will be presented with a list of the available tutoring sessions for the next two weeks. By default, the next available sessions will be listed first. Use the up or down arrows to scroll through the list or, to search for a session on a specfic dae, select a date using the calendar tool.

Bookable timeslots will appear as follows:

5. Choose an available time slot. When looking for a tutoring session to book, consider the following:

  • Check if the session is online or in-person. Some time slots allow you to choose between online or on campus meetings, while other time slots are set to be on campus or online only. 
  • Make note of the appointment time, and if the appointment is in-person, the on-campus meeting location.
  • To view more information about the tutor, click on their name.

6. Confirm the appointment details:

  1. Verify the appointment DATE and TIME.
  2. Choose between an online or in-person appointment, if possible. 
  3. Enter some notes to let your tutor know what you wish to go over in the tutoring session.
  4. Finally, click 'Save' to book the appointment.

After clicking 'Save', your appointment will be booked. Next, check your RRC Polytech student email for a confirmation message with the meeting details, an online meeting link (if required), cancellation instructions, and your tutor's contact information. 

The confirmation email will also include an iCal calendar attachment which you can "accept" to add the meeting to your Outlook Calendar (optional).

7. Attend your appointment. If your tutoring session is in-person, plan to arrive at the location listed in the confirmation email a few minutes before the appointment begins.

If the meeting is online, a link will be sent to you in the confirmation email. This link will activate 10 minutes before the start of the appointment and remain open until the end of the appointment time. Click the link to be taken to your tutor's online meeting room. If you are unable to join your online session, please email your tutor directly for assistance using the tutor's email address listed in the ocnfirmation email for the appointment. 

TracCloud Help

Need More Help?

For help with booking, cancelling or joining an appointment, or adding documents or notes for your tutor, please read our TracCloud Help Guide.