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Warm Up - Onboarding Program: Appointments

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Connect with us!

Book a 15-minute online appointment with an ASC advisor:

Meet with an ASC advisor online to learn about the academic supports and services available at Red River College. Click here for instructions on how to book your appointment.

You can also ask questions or request information about our academic supports by sending an email to an ASC staff below. Please remember to include your full name, student ID number, program, and explain what you are needing help with in your email.

Looking to book an appointment with a staff tutor for your course? Please complete the Tutoring and Coaching Request Form and an ASC Staff will contact you.

Contact Information

Picture of Chris HarderChris Harder
Tutoring Supervisor
Tutoring and Coaching

Picture of Dayna GrahamDayna Graham
Adult Learning Facilitator
Tutoring and Coaching


Picture of Kaleigh QuinnKaleigh Quinn
EAL Specialist
English as an Additional Language Supports

Academic Supports at the ASC

How Do I Request a Tutor or Coach?

The Academic Success Centre offers a variety of free academic supports to all students at Red River College. Below we've provided a list of these supports and information on how you can connect with a tutor or coach.

Peer Tutoring: You may book up to three 1-hour online tutoring appointments per week for individual help in your course. For information on how to book an appointment, please visit our Peer Tutoring page.

Help Desks: Help Desks are appointment-based online meetings aimed for quick questions or content review. You may book up to three 30-minute online tutoring appointments per week with a staff tutor who specializes in your program area/course. For information on how to book an appointment online, please visit our Help Desk page.

Group Tutoring: Staff tutors work with students in groups by appointment. If you are interested in meeting with a staff tutor individually, please book a Help Desk appointment. If you are interested in joining a study group, please send an email to

Academic Coaching: Coaches work individually with students to set and accomplish academic goals by employing research-backed study and motivational strategies. To request an Academic Coach, please complete the online Tutoring and Coaching Request Form.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Centre: Is English your second or additional language? EAL Tutors will help you improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills for success in your program and industry. To request an EAL tutor, please send an email to

Writing Centre: In-person tutoring and writing support through email is available to all RRC students. Visit the Writing Centre page for information on how to book a tutoring appointment, to learn about the ASC's writing supports, and to access resources for studying on your own.

Technology Literacy: Do you need help with navigating your online courses? Tech Peer Tutors can help you familiarize yourself with Webex, HUB, Office 365, LEARN, and MS Teams. For information on how to book an appointment with a Tech Peer Tutor, please visit our Technology Literacy page.

If you require any assistance with booking your appointment or joining your session, please send an email to