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ASC: Supports for Students - Tutoring

Meet Our Peer Tutors!

Below we've created a list of our Peer Tutors, their programs, and the courses they tutor. Use this list as a guide to help you identify and book an appointment with a Peer Tutor who specializes in your program and course. Our Peer Tutoring program includes four unique services:

  • Peer Tutors: Provide course content tutoring to students. 
  • Tech Peer Tutors: Help students develop their tech literacy skills and familiarity with using LEARN, HUB, Webex, MS Teams, and Office 365. Click here to learn more.
  • Peer Coaching:  Peer Coaches are Peer Tutors who have completed additional training to help ease the transition to college for new students. Peer Coaches meet with students one-to-one virtually to share tips, study strategies, River College Polytechnic and ASC supports, provide an overview of River College Polytechnic learning platforms, and underscore River College Polytechnic policies. Click here to learn more.
  • Writing Peer Tutoring: The Writing Centre offers writing peer tutors for select courses. Writing peer tutors are current Red River College Polytechnic students who have excelled in writing-based courses and been recommended by their instructors to tutor students. Click here to learn more.

If your program or course is not listed below, we do not have a Peer Tutor available. We recommend booking an online tutoring appointment with a staff tutor or sending an email to and we can help direct you to other supports available for your course.

Click here for instructions on how to book your Peer Tutor appointment

List of Peer Tutors and the courses they tutor:

Tech Peer Tutors
Don Zhu
Dali Aldale
Intro to Business Information Technology
Sukhmandeep Kaur (COMP-1253) Intro to Programming Logic
(COMP-1975) Business Computing
(ADEV-2029) Python Essentials
(ADEV-3029) Data Analysis with Python
(MATH-1131) Statistics for BTM
(MGMT-1019) Project Management Fundamentals
(PROJ-1020) Introduction to Project Management
(WEBD-1008) Web Development 1
Business Information Technology
Don Zhu (ADEV-1008) Programming 1
(ADEV-2008) Programming 2
(COMP-1295) Information Systems
(WEBD-1008) Web Development 1
(DBMS-1002) Database Management Systems 1
(NTWK-1010) Network Computing 1
Business Technology Management
Sukhmandeep Kaur (COMP-1253) Intro to Programming Logic
(ADEV-2029) Python Essentials
(ADEV-3029) Data Analysis with Python
(MATH-1131) Statistics for BTM
(DBMS-1002) Database Management Systems 1
(ACCT-1070) Financial Accounting for IT
(ACCT-2070) Managerial Accounting for IT
Data Science and Machine Learning
Juwonlo Siyanbade (COMP-1296) Intro to Programming Logic
(MATH-1202) Statistics for DSML
(MATH-1204) Linear Algebra for DSML
(COMP-1701) Transforming Data Into Databases
(COMP-2704) Supervised Machine Learning
(COMP-2040) Python Essentials with Data Analysis 
Early Childhood Education
Faith Wong (ECED-1025) Diversity and Inclusion
(ECED-1085) Guiding 1
(ECED-2085) Guiding 2
(ECED-1086) Introduction to Play, Environments & Curriculum
(ECED-1088) Explore the Early Childhood Education Profession
(ECED-1089) Introduction to Science of Early Childhood Education
(ECED-1090) Health and Well Being
(ECED-1032) Play, Environments and Curriculum 1
(ECED-2032) Play, Environments and Curriculum 2
(ECED)-2012) Curriculum Planning 1
(ECED-1087) Child Development 1
Electrical Engineering Technology
Dali Aldale (CIRC-1005) DC Circuits
(MATH-1075) Mathematics
((DIGI-1003) Digital Logic
(MATH-2013) Calculus
Full Stack Web Development
Don Zhu (WEBD-1007) Web Development 1
(WEBD-1009) Programming 1
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Alyssa Lavallee (MEDL-1051) Clinical Chemistry 1
(MEDL-1052) Histotechnology 1
(MEDL-1053) Clinical Microbiology 1
(MEDL-2051) Clinical Chemistry 2
(MEDL-2054) Clinical Hematology 1
(MEDL-2055) Transfusion Science
Medical Radiologic Technology
Arjay Layawan (MEDL-1061) Radiographic Anatomy and Pathology 1
(MEDL-1062) Imaging Equipment 1
(MEDL-1063) Physics for Medical Radiologic Technology
(MEDL-1064) Radiation Biology and Protection
(MEDL-2061) Radiographic Anatomy and Pathology 2
(MEDL-2065) Radiographic Technique Theory 1
(MEDL-3065) Radiographic Technique Theory 2
(MEDL-3061) Sectional Anatomy
(MEDL-3062) Advanced Imaging Systems
Brynn Clifford Dosage Calculations - Term 1, Term 2, Term 3
Briana Pokrant Dosage Calculations - Term 1, Term 2
Jordan Rohatynsky Dosage Calculations - Term 1, Term 2, Term 3
Science Laboratory Technology
King Hang Lam (CBST-1013) Fundamental Lab Skills
(CBST-1018) Measurements, Calculations, and Physics Principles
(CHEM-1006) Organic Chemistry
(CHEM-1008) Applied Chemistry Techniques
Technology Management
Sukhmandeep Kaur (MGMT-1019) Project Management Fundamentals