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CSA Group (Database Instruction)

The Library subscribes to over 3,000 CSA Standards. These can be accessed through the online CSA Group database.

Printing Standards

Standards and Printing


You can view the standards and codes within the CSA Database viewer or by Downloading the PDF

To download a standard you must be ON CAMPUS or use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) supplied by ITS.

1. Find your standard

2. Click "Download PDF"

3. Open the PDF in the DESKTOP Adobe Viewer

4. Click "OK" on the security warning; you will now be able to view the PDF (but print will be disabled)



The open PDF should look like this, from here you can print the standard

If your document appears like this then you have opened it in the BROWSER viewer.

1. Close the browser tab

2. Open Adobe Acrobat

3. Find and Open the PDF file in Adobe