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CSA Group (Database Instruction)

The Library subscribes to over 3,000 CSA Standards. These can be accessed through the online CSA Group database.

CSA Group Account

If you use CSA Group documents frequently you may want to self-register and gain a personal account. This has lots of advantages and allows you to personalize your experiences when working with the CSA Group database: 

  • Add personal notes and highlights within documents
  • Create a Favourites list for quick access
  • Request additional documents using Wishlist
  • Choose preferred site language – English or French

*Please note that for Colleges and Universities, printing and offline viewing is not allowed.

Create (and access) a free account

On the Content Library (home) Page; click Self-Register now 











Complete the form and check the first 2 boxes (the third is optional)




















You now have an account - it will automatically load you into the 'my account page'












From this page you can: 

1. Access the CSA Library

2. Access your favourites -- clicking this link will take you directly into the Web Viewer (online view) of the document

Click CONTENT LIBRARY to return to this page.


**if you are not sure if you are logged in or not; look for 'wishlist' in the top right corner**


Accessing your Account

It should remember you next time you access CSA Group, but if it doesn't (or you are on a different computer) use the same link above but click the Login option, don't create a new account.