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CSA Group (Database Instruction)

The Library subscribes to over 3,000 CSA Standards. These can be accessed through the online CSA Group database.

Annotating CSA Documents

One of the things you can do with a self-registered account is the ability to annotate your favourite documents. This feature is available through the online web viewer and your changes will be automatically saved and available to you anytime you log on to your account.


Go to your account dashboard and select one of your favourites (If you haven't saved any yet see Saving Favourites

Selecting a favourite from here will ensure that you are logged on when you open the online web viewer.
**be patient, it is sometimes finicky or slow to load**








On the online web viewer page, you can see we now have more options than we saw on Accessing standards documents page












1. Page viewer options. here you can select zoom +/-, set to page width or height and other options

2. Advance pages or jump ahead to a particular page

3. Search within the document, download (if available), Change language, and return to the dashboard

Down the left-hand side, we have the annotation tools

4. (top to bottom) 




HIghlight various sections, Change your highlighter colours and pen type.











Create notes by adding text blocks or comment bubbles (show text only when you click on them)











Use the pencil or pre-defined shapes to draw on the document.











Use the eraser to remove mistakes; you can also use the undo/redo arrows at the bottom of the left-hand navigation







Pin favourite sections as bookmarks so you can easily jump back to those sections. 







Here is an example using some of the above tools: