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CSA Group (Database Instruction)

The Library subscribes to over 3,000 CSA Standards. These can be accessed through the online CSA Group database.













1. Search box

2. Filters - use these to filter the browse list; You can use the filters to refine the list by things like language, publication year, and topic. More about filters

3. Browse all 3000+ items in the list in the middle of the page.

Parent & Children standards: The standards listed here are considered 'Parent', they are identified by the Down triangle in the image. Clicking this standard will expand to show the 'child' documents - these are the current and previous editions of that Standard (“children” of that Standard ). The most recent will typically be displayed at the top of that list. 

4, Resort the list by clicking the Ascending/Descending arrows beside Designation,  Title, or Publication year

5. Access your saved favorites (This is only accessible if you have created a personal CSA account - more here)

6. Click the standard designation link to expand the parent and view all child documents.