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CSA Group (Database Instruction)

The Library subscribes to over 3,000 CSA Standards. These can be accessed through the online CSA Group database.

Accessing standards


1. Enter the exact designation number (ex. CSA A23.1:19/CSA A23.2:19) or keyword (ex. concrete) into the search box; Click Search






2. From the list of the results find the parent document that meets your search criteria; Click the hyperlinked designation code to expand and view the child documents.
















3. Find the Child document that best meets your criteria (typically the newest is at the top); Click the hyperlinked designation code to open the options to view or download the document.
















4. Click View Online or Download PDF

NOTE: Normally you can only download PDFs while on campus; during COVID-19 this restriction has been lifted. It may change at any time. 
















View Online