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Warm Up Week Winter 2021: Friday Schedule

Friday Banner

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9 am

Professional Power Emails

Attending college virtually involves using many different online platforms. During this workshop, we will discuss when you should send an email, when you should send a chat message, and when you should schedule a meeting. You will also learn how to write professional emails with appropriate structure and clear messages in order to achieve your goals.  

Presenter: Rebecca Hiebert

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

10 am

College Readiness Math Assessment: Measurement & Unit Conversions

Join Michael as provides a focused review on measurement and unit conversions. The second part of this session will be devoted to answering questions that students bring to the workshop. 

Do you prefer to meet with Michael individually? You can book a 15-minute appointment with Michael for help with tackling any of your suggested College Readiness Math modules after completing the assessment. For instructions on how to book, visit our Warm Up Appointments page.

Presenter: Michael Okrainec 

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

Intercultural Competence

As individuals with unique and complex cultural backgrounds and perspectives, we usually see every situation and interaction through our personal cultural lens. The Intercultural Competence tutorial provides insights and strategies to navigate cross-cultural environments and interact effectively and appropriately with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

This resource is available on an ongoing basis as part of our Self-directed Learning supports.

Contact: Nora Sobel

LEARN Link: Click here to self-enroll.

11 am

"Talk to a Peer" Panel

Join this live session to get a student's perspective on how to achieve success in your studies at Red River College. Our student panel consists of four current RRC students who will share valuable tips and strategies on various topics including online learning, study strategies, tutoring services, school-life balance, college resources, and more. We invite you to attend, ask questions, and learn something new from your peers!

Presenter: Melissa Coyle, Dayna Graham

12 pm

Library Lunch & Learn: Research Skills

The number one problem students have when searching is creating keywords and building them into useful search strategies.
Join us and learn some more advanced techniques to breakdown your search question, make finding keywords easier, and using operators to create useful search strategies.

Visit the Library Lunch & Learn homepage for a list of all Lunch & Learn topics as well as more information, links to PowerPoints, Guides, pre-recorded videos, and more.

Presenter: Rosemary Woodby

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

PowerPoint Presentation: Lunch & Learn: Research Skills PowerPoint Slides.

1 pm

How the ASC Can Help

This session will give you a quick overview of the free and confidential academic and language supports available to you at the Academic Success Centre.  Join me for all the details!

Presenter: Stephen Sawchyn

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

2 pm

Working in Teams

The Working in Teams tutorial highlights some key characteristics of exemplary team members and how—by making subtle changes—students can adopt these behaviors to become more valuable and reliable collaborators. Also, when you bring people together, conflict is a natural part of the dynamic. How we choose to manage these inevitable disagreements can make the difference between a dysfunctional team and a successful one.

This resource is available on an ongoing basis as part of our Self-directed Learning supports.

Contact: Dayna Graham

LEARN Link: Click here to self-enroll.

3 pm

Indigenous Support: Round Room with Elder Paul

As you prepare for the Winter Term, we invite you to join us and listen to Elder Paul as he offers guidance and imparts wisdom through storytelling.

Presenter: Elder Paul

Updates from your SA (Students’ Association) 

Attend this session to hear about what the Students’ Association is planning for the Winter Term, to get updates on our services and information on our upcoming Students’ Association Board and Executive elections! 

Presenter: Yash Chopra 

4 pm

A+ Success Strategies 

Your Red River College program will challenge you in many ways. This session will share keys for success as an international student, and a few common mistakes to avoid. 

Presenter: Norlan Page 

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.


Tip of the Day

What is this mindfulness everyone keeps talking about?

During a time like this, it is important to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Mindfulness is a way for us to take a moment and mentally step away from the stress of our new daily routines.

We are all experiencing different stressors such as changing to online classes, learning to work from home, and manage our own time. During times of uncertainty, it’s easy for our minds to wander as the news surrounding the pandemic continues to evolve, and mindfulness is a tool you can use to help keep you focused and on track. Practicing mindfulness can reduce stress, improve concentration, manage emotions, and focus to help control your worries and anxieties.


Supports for You!

Healthy Minds Healthy College: 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Good mental health helps us live the life we want and contribute to a community while reaching academic and career goals. As part of the supports offered through the Healthy Minds Healthy College Initiative, the 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge teaches mindfulness-in-action through daily practice that takes only a few minutes.




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