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Warm Up Week Winter 2021: Wednesday Schedule

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9 am

Reading for Success

College students need strategies to move through their reading material in efficient ways to ensure they can complete all the necessary tasks, as well as understand and retain the new, often complex, material they encounter.  Join me to learn how!

Presenter: Stephen Sawchyn

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording link.

10 am

College Readiness Math Assessment: Decimals

Join Michael as he provides a focused review on decimals. The second part of this session will be devoted to answering questions that students bring to the workshop. 

Would you prefer to meet with Michael individually? You can book a 15-minute appointment with Michael for help with tackling any of your suggested College Readiness Math modules after completing the assessment. For instructions on how to book, visit our Warm Up Appointments page.

Staff Tutor: Michael Okrainec 

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.


Students are often faced with challenges when it comes to the kind of reading necessary for their college programs. The two main obstacles for students are the sheer volume of reading assigned to them and the type of reading texts required of them. The Reading tutorial provides strategies to move through reading material in efficient ways, as well as understand and retain the new, often complex, material students encounter. 

This resource is available on an ongoing basis as part of our Self-directed Learning supports.

Contact: Meg Loewen

LEARN Link: Click here to self-enroll.

11 am

Drop-in Indigenous Support: Round Room with Elder Una

As you prepare for the Winter Term, we invite you to drop-in and listen as Elder Jules offers guidance and imparts wisdom through storytelling. Elder Una, Marshall Richard (Navigation Coach), and Adam Bacchus (SIE Academic Coach) will share resources and information about Red River College's supports for Indigenous students and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Please click the link below to join; we look forward to meeting you!

Presenter: Elder Una, Marshall Richard (Navigation Coach), Adam Bacchus (Academic Coach)

Updates from your SA (Students’ Association) 

Attend this session to hear about what the Students’ Association is planning for the Winter Term, to get updates on our services and information on our upcoming Students’ Association Board and Executive elections! 

Presenter: Avery Halldorson

12 pm

Library Lunch & Learn: Rejuvenate Your Learning: Making the Most of LinkedIn Learning

The learning videos formerly known as have found their way into course work and even our library guides. This session provides a refresher on what it is and navigating the various parts of a LinkedIn Learning Course to take advantage of this powerful tool for learning.

Visit the Library Lunch & Learn homepage for a list of all Lunch & Learn topics as well as more information, links to PowerPoints, Guides, pre-recorded videos, and more.

Presenter: Fatima DeMelo

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

1 pm

Online Learning Strategies

With the current situation, our college programs have shifted almost entirely online. Although many of the study strategies you've used for in-class learning work for online learning, there are a number of key differences. Taking these differences into account and making necessary adjustments will be crucial to being successful in the online learning environment.

Presenter: Meg Loewen

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

2 pm

Online Learning

The Online Learning tutorial provides a space for students to reflect on recent changes in learning, and to adopt habits as they adapt to these recent changes. The tutorial encourages academic success and a growth mindset by drawing upon the affordances of online learning; creating a schedule that maximizes class time and assignment completion time; and underscoring the value of connecting with the College community. 

This resource is available on an ongoing basis as part of our Self-directed Learning supports.

Contact: Meg Loewen

LEARN Link: Click here to self-enroll.

3 pm

Students Awards & Financial Aid

Are your financial circumstances getting in the way of your academic success? Are you interested in the awards, bursaries, and scholarships available to Red River College students? Would you like to learn more about Manitoba Student Aid (MSA) and the types of funding available? 

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, register for this information session! We will review the list of awards, bursaries, and scholarships available to RRC students, as well as how and when to apply. Following this, we will review financial assistance available from Manitoba Student Aid, including types of funding and the application process.

If you are not able to attend, please review the information available at one of the following links:

Presenter: Darlene FunkMariam Merasty

4 pm

Making Connections  

Our RRC Ambassadors will share some tips on networking as an international student as well as information on upcoming social events. You will then have a chance to connect virtually with other international students in breakout groups.  

Presenter: Red River College Diversity Ambassadors  


Tip of the Day

How can I manage testing anxiety?

With COVID-19, it is more than understandable that you may be feeling quite anxious right now. This anxiety may even be amplified by having to navigate the waters of online learning. Do you have any existing coping strategies that help you?

We find that focusing on breathing, emphasizing positive self-talk, scheduling down-time to reinvest in interests, prioritizing your physical health through exercising, engaging in mindfulness, and most importantly, identifying the source of your anxiety can help reduce the amount you feel.


Supports for You!

Counselling Services

Professional and registered counsellors help students deal with personal concerns that may be affecting their studies or personal well-being. They’ll work with students to explore what’s happening in their lives and help them identify strategies to help.




LinkedIn Learning Videos:

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