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Warm Up Week Winter 2021: Tuesday Schedule

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9 am

How to Excel During Remote Learning: What Academic Integrity Really Means 

Are you looking to succeed in your studies? Do you want to make a positive impression that will put you on the path to success? You CAN build your professional reputation, without meeting face-to-face with instructors and classmates. In this session, we will look at the fundamental values of academic integrity and discuss what honesty, trust, respect, truth, responsibility, fairness and courage look like in online learning. 

Presenter: Lisa Vogt

10 am

College Readiness Math Assessment: Fractions

Join Michael as he provides a focused review on fractions. The second part of this session will be devoted to answering questions that students bring to the workshop. 

Would you prefer to meet with Michael individually? You can book a 15-minute appointment with Michael for help with tackling any of your suggested College Readiness Math modules after completing the assessment. For instructions on how to book, visit our Warm Up Appointments page.

Staff Tutor: Michael Okrainec 

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity refers to the values of maintaining honesty and fairness in the learning environment. Students must demonstrate their knowledge and skills while integrating the work and ideas of others in appropriate ways. The Academic Integrity tutorial uses positive language that encourages students to build their reputation in the classroom to prepare for their future careers.

This resource is available on an ongoing basis as part of our Self-directed Learning supports.

Contact: Lisa Vogt

LEARN Link: Click here to self-enroll.

11 am

Mindful Movement

This practice will involve beginner tai chi, yoga, and stretching guided by the breath. The session is 20 minutes and can be done with limited space. There is no need to change your clothes. This session will change your mind! 

Presenter: Randi-Mae Stanford Leibold

Yoga with Holly

This 30 minute yoga class is suitable for all ability levels. Participants will be able to see Holly demonstrate, however participants themselves will not be visible to others. 

Presenter: Holly

12 pm

A Thought Experiment in Copyright 

Do you ever wonder how all that content gets shared on social media and the internet? Did you know RRC has a Copyright Policy for all students and staff? Do you know who owns Copyright to photos taken when a monkey steals your camera and takes a picture? Are you ever worried you might infringe on Copyright? The session provides resources for navigating copyright as well as a base understanding of the responsibilities we have in respecting Copyright law and policy when using copyrighted materials. 

Presenter: Ebony Novakowski

Library Help Desk ~ Drop-in

Do you have a question about what resources and services the library offers or how to use them? Have an assignment and need to find articles, books, websites, statistical information, videos, or some other type of information? Drop by our virtual desk to talk to us and find out how we can help you. 

Presenter: Bettina Allen

1 pm

Setting Goals and Building Habits

Successful people set goals. As a college student, it is integral to identify and state your goals in a clear and direct way in order to stay motivated and on the right track. One way you can work toward meeting your goals is by building positive habits into your everyday life. By taking small steps in the right direction, you can ultimately find success in your college program.  

Presenter: Meg Loewen

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

2 pm

Time Management Skills

Many students are inexperienced in planning for grocery shopping, cooking, and exercising, and as a result, develop poor health. Similarly, students can be unsure of how to schedule enough time to complete assignments, attend online classes, and study for tests, and as a result, fail courses. The Time Management Skills tutorial is designed to help students manage their time, make healthy choices, and prioritize their tasks so they can succeed with online learning.

This resource is available on an ongoing basis as part of our Self-directed Learning supports.

Contact: Rebecca Hiebert

LEARN Link: Click here to self-enroll.


3 pm

Stress Management

This workshop will present a systematic and holistic approach to managing stress related to college studies and life in general. Participants will apply their learning by using the AAABC framework, developing a plan to address one particular stressor. 

Presenter: Breanna Lynn Sawatzky

4 pm

Immigration Essentials You Need to Know 

As an international student, you will need to maintain valid immigration documents to live, study or work in Canada. Our International Student & Immigration Advisor will walk you through what you need to know as you prepare for your studies to maintain and comply with your immigration status. 

Presenter: Della Chen 


Tip of the Day

How can I get the most out of my textbook?

Under different circumstances, your approach to reading text varies depending on the voice in which the material’s narrative is written. You may have a preferred approach that has worked well for you in the past. However, as more cases become confirmed, you may feel the stress of the news weigh more heavily on your mind.

You may be finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on assigned readings, because of the direction your mind is wandering in. You may find it is taking longer to figure out which lecture notes you need to write down to study from.


Supports for You!

Library Services

Through online chat, email, and virtual meetings, Library staff can assist you in finding online resources to support your assignments, papers and more (whether from the Library collection or external sources), locating sources for an assignment or other research, and learning how to use online collections and databases.




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