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Warm Up Week Winter 2021: Thursday Schedule

Thursday Banner

Thursday banner

9 am

Writing for College

The Writing for College workshop focuses on the pre-writing, writing, and re-writing stages of academic and professional written communication, including analyzing assignment instructions, scheduling the steps for the writing process, researching, organizing ideas, editing, and referencing.

Presenter: Nick Schroeder

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

10 am

College Readiness Math Assessment: Percentage 

Join Michael as he provides a focused review on percentages. The second part of this session will be devoted to answering questions that students bring to the workshop. 

Would you prefer to meet with Michael individually? You can book a 15-minute appointment with Michael for help with tackling any of your suggested College Readiness Math modules after completing the assessment. For instructions on how to book, visit our Warm Up Appointments page.

Staff Tutor: Michael Okrainec 

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

Research Papers

Academic writing can be a challenge for both new and experienced students. Students often do not know where to begin an assignment, how to properly edit their work, or how to meet formatting requirements. These are writing roadblocks which can lead to a diminished quality of work. The Research Papers tutorial aims to help students learn the writing process, including proper referencing, in-text citations, and formatting.

This resource is available on an ongoing basis as part of our Self-directed Learning supports.

Contact: Nick Schroeder

LEARN Link: Click here to self-enroll.

11 am

Job Search - Student Employment Services

An effective job search is an important tool in building a successful career. It involves a series of strategic steps to assist in finding the right position. In this presentation, students will learn strategies that can assist with their job search, including how to conduct a physically distanced job search. 

Presenter: Matt Purdey 

12 pm

Library Lunch & Learn: OneSearch: The Library's search engine

The new and improved, OneSearch will search print books, ebooks, as well as 30+ full-text databases simultaneously. Come spend 30 min in the library and learn how to use this powerful tool.

Visit the Library Lunch & Learn homepage for a list of all Lunch & Learn topics as well as more information, links to PowerPoints, Guides, pre-recorded videos, and more.

Presenter: Rosemary Woodby

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

1 pm

“Netiquette” – Professionalism in Online Learning

With the shift to online learning, it is essential that students understand the expectations for professionalism within this learning environment. This workshop will provide students with behavioural expectations for attending online classes and communicating professionally through online channels such as email, discussion boards, and chat. 

Presenter: Kaleigh Quinn

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.

2 pm

Virtual Classroom Strategies

The Virtual Classroom Strategies tutorial models traditional classroom strategies such as note-taking, presentation skills, and reading comprehension strategies and presents how to use these skills in the online environment. In addition, the final section addresses the topic of Netiquette. It provides students with behavioural expectations for attending online classes and communicating via online channels such as email, discussion boards, and chat.

This resource is available on an ongoing basis as part of our Self-directed Learning supports.

Contact: Rebecca Hiebert

LEARN Link: Click here to self-enroll.

3 pm

Job Interviews - Student Employment Services

An interview is an essential element to securing a job and preparation is key. In this presentation, students will obtain tips on the best interview practices – what to do before, during, and after an interview – including how to prepare for virtual interviews. 

Presenter: Matt Purdey 

4 pm

Start Strong 

Learn strategies for successfully adapting your skills to the Canadian environment, and steps you can take now to prepare to launch your career and life after graduation. 

Presenter: Norman Umali   

Recording Link: Click here to view the recording.


Tip of the Day

How can I apply the skills I’ve learned to the work environment?

Entering the workforce for your new job or career is an intimidating life-stage. More so, many of us take this step at different points in our lives.

Many students have gone through grade school with a group of peers roughly the same age and from the same community. Some of you may have just finished high-school and others may have taken some time off in between. Or maybe you have come to Canada seeking a new life in a different country, and a new challenging career to go with it. Or maybe you’re looking to change careers and challenge yourself. Nevertheless, we have all developed skills along the way to prepare us for life, education, and the workforce. Our first step is to recognize this!

Moreover, as we have been moving into online learning, learning new technologies like Webex and MS Teams, structuring our own daily schedules, or being supportive of friends and classmates, there is an opportunity to practice these skills also in your work environments.


Supports for You!

Student Employment Services

Connect with Student Employment Services for assistance with your job search! SES offers a wide range of employment services including assistance with job search, networking, cover letters, resumes, and interviews.

For more information, contact us at!




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