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Academic Writing and Citation

This guide provides time-tested strategies on becoming comfortable with the writing process, resources on citation styles, and information on how to avoid plagiarism.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is one of 7 forms of Academic Misconduct, according to Red River College Polytechnic Policy S4. It's defined as taking ideas or words and taking them as your own. Throughout the guide, each section takes on the different types of plagiarism outlined in the policy and provides ways to prevent unintentionally committing it:

  • Work presented without acknowledgment or use of quotation marks.
  • Work presented without proper citation style for attributing a book, article, or author. (We are using the American Psychological Association or APA style for this guide. Many programs commonly use it, but we have other styles depending on the program.)
  • Submitting the same work in more than one course without permission of the instructor. (Also called Self-Plagiarism covered in this section.)

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