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Academic Writing and Citation

This guide provides time-tested strategies on becoming comfortable with the writing process, resources on citation styles, and information on how to avoid plagiarism.


Vancouver Style (also known as Uniform Requirements or ICMJE)

Vancouver style (also referred to as ICMJE and Uniform Requirements Style) is a citation style used heavily in the health and biomedical sciences. Vancouver style uses a number to mark in-text citations, and the reference list is in numerical order according to the order in which the reference appears in the paper. If you reuse a source later in the paper, you keep the same number (e.g., source #3 is always 3, even if you use it again after source #4). (source: University of Alberta)

Official Manuals


Vancouver referencing style

Vancouver referencing style tutorial - This lecture explains how to do referencing with Vancouver referencing style. This lecture will teach you the steps of Vancouver referencing system including the Vancouver referencing style for academic research proposal and Vancouver referencing system for books as well. The in text citation of Vancouver referencing style is also explained in this referencing tutorial. Stay tuned to know more about how to reference a research paper article. Watch this video to find out answers to the following questions - What is Vancouver style referencing? How to add Vancouver referencing style? How to add Vancouver referencing for books?

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